From Business Sigma, balance scorecards, employee and customer satisfaction  to market research and surveys and real time..

Collect data from your employees, customers or marketplace whether they are online, onsite or both in real time..

Our approach is uniquely tailored for every government or organisation we partner with, set within a proven framework based on..

Our Purpose

To provide a superior, real-time scientific intelligence platform and implementation plan to improve government and business performance.

Our Expertise

From Business Sigma, balanced scorecards, employee and customer satisfaction to market research and real-time monitoring with active implementation strategies…
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What we do
Strategic Change Management
Performance Improvement
We have created the new improved balance scorecard called Business Sigma
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Employee satisfaction and engagement programmes
Customer satisfaction and engagement programmes
Market, brand and panel research
Financial, employee, customer, operations, and portfolio measurement and benchmarking
Survey software and hardware
Training and development
Strategy business impact analysis.

Opinion Sigma – your own strategy, research and technology partner, working with you to improve business performance.

A. We are global front-runners in measuring the emotional and rational economy of your leaders, employees, customers and market place. This we support with our own unique engagement and proprietary satisfaction survey models. These guarantee relevance by enabling us to apply the data we gather directly to your bottom line.

B. We use award-winning research technology platforms that collect real-time business intelligence from your leaders, employees, customers and marketplace. On-site, on-line… or both.

C. Our approach has been proven successful in the real world. We discover, measure, analyse then form a strategy and plan that achieves your business goals by making the most of the intellectual capital of your employees and customers.

D. Whilst the strategy and plan are important, our implementation procedure - with performance indicators - is essential. Because, when companies decide to embark on a change management program, over 90% fail during this critical stage.

E. We measure the important financial, customer, employee and operational processes continually. This feedback is vital, as it tells us either that we are making progress, or that we need to revise the plan to achieve our objectives.

F. All of this is framed in a model called Business Sigma that government and business leaders use as their business operating model.

G. Balanced scorecard alone is just not good enough any more. Business Sigma is the way forward!

Featured Industries

We give governments the ability to measure citizen and employee
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Financial institutions are taking full advantage of our scientific
customer and employee emotional and rational measurement and implementation plans. These are helping them to improve deposits.. learn more »

Hotels are using our platform to collect guest experience information in
real time. This is helping them to improve loyalty and repeat business..
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